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      • Building Dreams since 1959

        Celebrating 60 Years

      • By your side every step of the way

        Building Dreams since 1959

        Let's Build Together

      • Customer service driven

        “K.Hovnanian Homes Build On Your Lot is the best!”

        Your Home. Our Privilege.

      • Our approachable building process is simplified

        We make building your dream home easy

        You're Almost Home

      • We build homes in OH, Northern WV & Western PA

        Our award-winning homes on the location you choose

        The K. Hovnanian? Advantage

      • Thousands of design options to choose from

        Personalized designs just for you

        So Many Possibilities

      Don't Get Spooked About Building Your Dream Home...

      Trust us…we’ve been building homes since 1959. With over 330,000 homes built in the past 60 years!

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      Ready to take the next step? Use our interactive map below to find a Design Studio near you. Here you will be greeted with a friendly face, a warm cup of coffee and plenty of inspiration. Begin the path toward your new home today.